Azhari Imama Sharif Dark Pink Colour (Colour Code14) By Abde Mustafa Store


Azhari Imama Sharif Dark Pink

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Best Quality Imama Sharif Colour Dark Pink Safa  Organdy Fabric 

Size 4.5 Miter Panna (Lenth) 42 Inch

Azhari Imama isliye kaha jata hai is Fabric Ka Imama Sharif Huzur Tajushsharia istemal karte the isilye ise Azhari Imama Kahete hai Is Fabric Ka Name Organdy Fabric hai

Organdy Fabric Kadak hota hai 

Order Se Related Kisi Bhi Information Ke Liye Hamare Customer Care WhatsAap Namber Par Massage Kar Sakte Hai 62643 77419 

Azhari Imama Sharif Dark Pink

Organdy is a type of fabric that is known for its lightweight, sheer, and crisp characteristics. It is commonly made from cotton or silk fibers and has a transparent or translucent appearance. Here are some key features and characteristics of Azhari Imama fabric:

1. Sheer and Transparent: Organdy is a sheer fabric, which means it is thin and allows light to pass through. It has a transparent or semi-transparent look, depending on the density of the weave.

2. Crisp Texture: One of the distinguishing features of organdy is its crisp and stiff texture. This is achieved through the use of a tight and fine weave, often with a high thread count. The fabric holds its shape well and has a slight stiffness to it. Azhari Imama Sharif Dark Pink

3. Lightweight: Organdy is extremely lightweight, making it ideal for garments and accessories that require a delicate and airy touch. The fabric’s lightness adds to its overall ethereal and floaty appearance.

4. Fine Weave: Organdy is woven with a fine and tight construction, resulting in a smooth surface and a high thread count. This gives the fabric a refined and elegant look.

5. Natural Fibers: While organdy can be made from synthetic fibers, it is traditionally crafted from natural materials such as cotton or silk. This enhances its breathability and provides a soft and comfortable feel against the skin.

Overall, organdy fabric is favored for its delicate appearance, lightweight nature, and ability to add texture and dimension to garments and accessories. Azhari Imama Sharif Dark Pink