Ajmal MIZYAAN Attar Perfume Free From Alcohol 14 ML

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Ajmal MIZYAAN Attar

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Discover a sensory journey with Ajmal MIZYAAN Attar, a 14 ML alcohol-free fragrance meticulously designed for those who savor life’s finer moments. Immerse yourself in floral-spicy notes with a subtle hint of saffron, creating an alluring oriental charm.

At its heart, a dance of musk and floral notes unfolds, seamlessly transitioning into a enduring base featuring woody and ambery elements. Ajmal MIZYAAN Attar is more than a fragrance; it’s an embodiment of passion and sophistication.

IMPRESS CP: Ignite passion with this hot new fragrance for men. Let the flames linger, leaving a lasting impression wherever life takes you. Ajmal MIZYAAN Attar captivates with a blend of tradition and modernity in a symphony of captivating notes.

Experience the enduring allure of this alcohol-free attar. Ajmal MIZYAAN Attar – where fragrance is an art, and each drop narrates a story. Explore a new realm of olfactory delight with this 14 ML bottle, encapsulating the essence of timeless elegance.