Choco Orchid Attar By Abde Mustafa Store

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Choco Orchid Attar

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ABDE MUSTAFA STORE is proud to introduce a captivating collection of attars, aimed at creating a memorable olfactory experience for our valued customers.

Discover our latest assortment featuring exquisite bottles filled with premium attar, exuding a sense of luxury fit for royalty.

 100% Pure Premium Quality Non-Alcoholic Attar:
Crafted with precision, our attars are a testament to purity and quality. Perfect for gifting, these fragrances evoke a royal essence that resonates with your loved ones.

💫 Long-lasting and Rejuvenating Fragrance:
The enchanting aroma lingers for an extended period, ensuring you stay refreshed and confident throughout the day. Our attars are made from premium ingredients, promising a safe and delightful experience for your skin.

🎁 Ideal for All Occasions:
Whether it’s a special celebration or daily wear, our attars complement every occasion. The high-class glass containers enhance the appeal, adding a touch of sophistication to your fragrance collection.

Daily Luxury:
ABDE MUSTAFA STORE attars now feature carefully curated oils, delivering a more promising and invigorating fragrance. Elevate your daily routine with a touch of opulence.

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12ML, 6ML