Azhari Imama Sharif Pink Elevate Your Style with Safa By Abde Mustafa Store (Colour Code #32)


Azhari Imama Sharif Pink

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Azhari Imama Sharif Pink

  • Discover the Excellence of our Azhari Imama Sharif – Crafted from Premium Organdy Fabric
    • Product Highlights:

    • Size: Our Azhari Imama Sharif measures 4.5 meters in length with a 42-inch panna (end piece), providing ample fabric to achieve the perfect turban style.
      Best Quality Azhari Imama Sharif:  Our Azhari Imama Sharif is renowned for its top-notch quality and rich heritage. It is famously known as Azhari Imama, as it was favored by TajushShariya himself.
    • Organdy Fabric: The Imama Sharif is meticulously crafted from organdy fabric, ensuring a comfortable and elegant feel. Organdy is a lightweight, transparent cotton fabric that drapes beautifully.
    • Azhari Imama Sharif Pink Safa: This Imama Sharif comes in a stunning Pink color, adding a touch of grandeur to your attire. The rich and vibrant Pink Azhari Imama Safa is ideal for special occasions.

    Versatile Usage: The Azhari Imama (Safa) turban is a perfect choice for special events like Nikah, weddings, gatherings, and daily wear. It adds a touch of tradition and elegance to your outfit, making you stand out on any occasion.

    Customer Support : Order Se Related Kisi Bhi Information Ke Liye Hamare Customer Care WhatsAap Namber Par Massage Kar Sakte Hai 62643 77419 

    Elevate your style and embrace tradition with our exquisite Azhari Imama Sharif. Order yours today and experience the heritage of Azhari Imama elegance!”